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The 34th annual "Warmth from Wisconsin" quilt contest is now underway.
Each year for the past 34 years, WWIB Radio and Sew Complete have teamed together to sponsor a quilt contest with the goal of receiving twin size and larger quilts to be hand delivered to the homeless and needy in Mexico or, more recently, San Antonio TX Hispanic Community, in conjunction with “YOUTH WITH A MISSION”. In recent years, half of the quilts collected have gone to Apple Pregnancy Care Center, Inc. in Eau Claire. Hundreds of quilts have been collected and delivered over the years. We are very grateful to all who have participated in this endeavor. The missionaries associated with “YOUTH WITH A MISSION” are currently working with individuals in need in the San Antonio, TX Hispanic Community. Again, this year, half of the quilts will be distributed in San Antonio through YOUTH WITH A MISSION. The other half will again be given to Apple Pregnancy Care Center. We have given a lot of consideration to the sizes of quilts to be distributed over the years. The size criteria for quilts this year will be 60” x 72” or larger for the bed size quilts, as they are used by people of all ages, and might even be used to keep several in one family warm at a time. By including APPLE Pregnancy Care Center, it is obvious that we can receive crib quilts (must be at least 46” x 36” and no larger than 60” x 56”). Apple Pregnancy would like to be considered for larger bed quilts as well, as the moms “would never have anything as nice and warm” for their own bed. Therefore, our goal is to send a mix of bed size quilts and crib quilts to both San Antonio and to APPLE Pregnancy Center, Inc. of Eau Claire. There will be prizes for both the large quilt category and the crib quilt category. Judges will have the discretion of awarding up to three prizes for each category. It is possible to have a first, second and third place winner for bed size quilts; and a first, second and third place winner for crib quilts. First place winners from each category will then be considered for the grand prize
There are 2 categories to enter: a smaller quilt, at least 46" x 36" and no larger than 60" x 56" or a bed size quilt 60" x 72" or larger. Participants picked up a "starter" block from Sew Complete. The "starter" block must appear somewhere in the quilt top--it may be altered, but the heart and the words "Warmth from Wisconsin" must remain in tact.
  The grand prize winner will receive a $100 cash award from WWIB.  The judges awarded 3 gift certificates from Sew Complete in each category. For more information, or a complete set of rules and a starter block, stop in or contact Sew Complete. You may also click here for the contest rules.


Congratulations to the winners of the 33rd annual contest:
Norma Klotz--1st place Bed Size Quilt and Grand Prize Quilt

Alice Weickelt--2nd place Bed Size Quilt
Sue Kulig--3rd place Bed Size Quilt
Janice Bates--1st place Crib Size Quilt
Sue Kulig--2nd and 3rd place Crib Quilts


First place Crib Quilt by Janice Bates

2nd place Bed Size Quilt by Alice Weickelt

2nd place Crib Size Quilt by Sue Kulig

3rd place Bed Size Quilt by Sue Kulig

3rd place Crib Size Quilt by Sue Kulig

We are very grateful to all who have participated in this endeavor in the past.  Hundreds of quilts have been given to people who really need them over the years. Here are some more quilts from this year.


Sewing Club

Welcome to Club! Our ongoing theme for our 2023 Club meetings will be “Repurpose, Remake, Reuse, Repair”. Of course, we feature many different kinds of projects and techniques beyond the ongoing theme that intertwines throughout the year. Pam will lead the October Club meetings. She is bringing a wide range of projects, including embroidery, embroidery quilting, accessories made from suit jackets, and garments along with a discussion of seam finishes. She also has some helpful hints to add to the rope sewing artistry we have already learned. Additionally, Pam has a variety of tips and tricks to help you keep organized with your sewing. These meetings will be held Tuesday, October 3, at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m.; and Saturday, October 7, at 10 a.m. You may bring your show and tell items, as we love seeing what you are doing. Your reservation for your preferred time will be helpful for our planning. For more information on Club meeting dates and times look for Sewing Club under the "Classes" tab.

Jeri's Covered Clothesline Coaster:

Jeri's T-Shirt Quilt:

We have created this reversible table runner on our serger.  We hope you find time to try it and send pictures if you do!

Side A of two different runnersSide A of two different runners

Side B of the same two runners above

If you prefer a sewing machine runner, the following is the reversible runner we made at Izzy's birthday party 4 years ago.



Class Spotlight

"Sew Complete has the pattern for quality and service"

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